Aninanny and Little Bow Wow are offering group dog training in Fort Lauderdale.  Call 954-260-4119 to register.

Puppy S.T.A.R.

Our Puppy S.T.A.R.ter 6 Session Package covers everything your new dog needs to succeed in your home. Throughout the six class course you and your pup will learn all the essentials needed to ensure a happy, healthy and safe environment for you and your pooch. Each class is tailored to the individual needs of the group. Trainers are available to answer questions and offer advice as you progress through the course.


Sessions 1 & 2

Session One covers all the essential topics of raising your new puppy including temperament evaluations, housebreaking and crate training, socialization and body language. By our second session, your new puppy will start learning all the essential commands for your puppy including their Name, Come, Sit, Down, Leave It and Place.

Sessions 3 & 4

Sessions 3 & 4 will cover basics such as How to Stay and Puppy Manners. You will learn how to keep your dog well behaved at all times! Covering all basic etiquette including Door Manners, Greeting Manners, Jumping, Biting, Fetch and How to Play with your Puppy.

Sessions 5 & 6

Session 5 will cover Long Leash Recall. This outdoor training is designed to teach your dog how to respond when there are distractions. Your pup will learn how to return on command and engage directly with you in distracting environment. In our final session, your furry pal will perform a S.T.A.R evaluation and graduate with honors!  

To book your package, please call us at 954-260-4119. Our next session begins on Tuesday, July 7 at 7PM!

**Please note that we will be limiting all group classes to no more than 4 dogs at a time to ensure proper social distancing and safety measures.**